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Report A Black Market Dealer

Please fill out all the fields and we will send it to the DLB investigator and use the data to help us draft tougher curbstoning legislation. For more information please call the NMIADA office at 505-232-0809.

UPDATE (10/29/2020)

You can now report a Black Market Dealer directly to DLB by using the link below and clicking on:

"Submit Complaint for a Dealer, Partner, or Auto-Recycler"

Are you a Dealer or a Private Citizen?
Were the vehicle(s) for sale at a physical Location or online?
If online, please tell us on which platform. *
Physical Location
Tell us where you saw the black market dealer selling cars:
Address Block - US
Have you seen this black market dealer selling at this location before? *
Did the vehicle(s) have Demo Tags? Auction Stickers?
Was there someone attending the black market dealer lot? *

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