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Econolend New Mexico LLC.

Econolend New Mexico LLC.

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About Us

EconoLend offers competitive loans to new car or used car buyers with no credit or bad credit history. Our proprietary underwriting model based on both quantitative and qualitative considerations allows us to extend credit under more favorable terms than would otherwise be available to such applicants. We can make loans to buyers that may have defaulted on financial obligations during the recent economic downturn who wish to buy a car and at the same time rebuild their credit.


  • We are not a score-driven lender.
  • We focus on Applicants current commitment and ability to repay the loan.
  • We rely more on verification of stable employment, stable residency and disposable income.
  • We don't require dealers to guarantee loan payments or offer any recourse for customer payment defaults.
  • We don't hold back a percentage of the amount financed its just a FLAT reasonable acquisition Fee.


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